Langley, BC Canada

maintenanceYour brand new shiny website is up and running, ready to take on all visitors. But unfortunately, to keep the site fresh and inviting, we need to update content once and a while and to keep the bad guys out we need to apply any security releases to the software.

The ability to add content to your site is built in with all Betonicah websites, so if you’d prefer to do it yourself, have at it! But some prefer to take a “less hands-on” approach so for them we’ve created our WMP’s (website maintenance packages). By pre-purchasing “time”, we’ll make sure your edits, additions, deletions or what have you are done in a timely manner and done right. Need a new email address created, a new user added, special backups or any technical detail ironed out? A Betonicah WMP might be the answer.

Payment for a WMP is payable in advance so we can give a reduced rate, and we bill in increments of 30 minutes instead of hourly.

Contact Us for availability and current rates.